New Management

How many people can say that one of their companies has been bought out by another one that they own? Well we can! Binding Chaos is now in charge of this site and company, stay tuned to them for other media related websites and companies!

We are protected. Don’t copy! Registered & Protected

(btw as long as you don’t claim it is yours, we really don’t mind you copying, JUST GIVE US CREDIT)

Happy Birthday to us!

Wow…a whole year. Well this is going to be short and sweet. WE will aim to keep our promises this year. Bam! Done!

Have a nice day!

Stay tuned for more info to come today!

Live Stream

We now have live streaming. More info soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Operation Moonfall

We support you guys!


Operation moonfall website:

Just Add Sanity

Just informing you people that we have a team for multiplayer games!


Hey all, just a big apology for not putting on a lot of content. We have all been real busy with various things (who would have guessed life would take up some much time :-/). We will try from now on to add more content. We will also release an adventure map for AdventureCraft by the end of September (depending on how things go, we want to make it epic).


My Minecraft creation!

This is my version of Team Mojang’s piston door.

3D Pics now in our Beta Stage

We have entered a ‘Beta’ state for our 3D pics.
Here is our general direction.

Whats Changed?
1) There is no background, Means more Picture!
2) The picture doesn’t hurt eyes (No Law suites!)
3) The picture is not too different and strange looking in normal view.
4) It has a new name (which is still subject to change)

What will be in the final version?
1) Classier bar (May even remove bottom bar). This means more picture and a better look
2) Better font
3) Maybe (MAYBE) more elements in each picture. For example, a header image might have a Zelda background from game, then in front Link on a horse then on the top layer with the bar the title of the game.



We have now added Popping Pics! When taped on with your stylis on your 3DS the pictures in our reviews (at the moment 3DS reviews only) they will appear to come out of the screen!

Our first review to utilize this is Rayman 3D

Have fun!

NOTE:We are in alpha. This means that we are still getting it to work properly. We will update this slowly.

DISCLAIMER: Only use the Popping pics in accordance to the health and saftey info provided with your 3DS. We do NOT take any responsabilty for misuse or damages caused by not following the instructions.