Why Sign Up?

Well your here now, what next? Let’s say that you want to comment on something like our reviews. You can post it but it would take awhile to show… Now why would that be??? Well every guest comment has to be approved by me through the admin panel so it can take a while. If you sign up I don’t have to approve it and it is up quicker.

While that is good your probably asking ‘Why do I have to sign up again for the forums?’ Well there are two reasons: 1) The two things are run through different programs and 2) The Forums allow profiles and other cool things. So now you may be wondering why you should sign up for both sites right? Well if you sign up for both you will have quick service on our homepage and access to the exclusive forums.

PLEASE NOTE: If you sign up to our forums before the tenth of feburary 2011 (10/2/11 or 2/10/11) you will get 500 forum points which gives you access to most forums and access to the elite group!


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