Great news 3DS users!

We are proud to announce that, since the 3DS can view images in 3D, any of the pictures (on our future 3DS reviews, we may expand that) can be viewed in 3D. The picture has a background that stays on the screen will the actual picture pops out!



3DS eShop review

Since the eShop is not a game, this will be the review!

The eShop is a great experience (compared to the Wii shop and DSi shop) that rivals Sony’s PlayStation store and, dare i say it, the app store on the iPhone! I find it smooth, stylish and easy to use. The content (as in features) are all there, you no longer have to go to the Nintendo website then to the devs website to get info and trailers, its all there! It, in my opinion, has been a succes; however, i have found a few errors here and there, but that’s probably because of server overload (if it’s not, i’m sure they’ll fix it).

I’m not going to give a score, it’s not a game!

Well done Nintendo, you fulfilled your promises!

UPDATE: Since so many of you seem to be in search of a score i will give it!

8.6/10 Unnamed Units

But how can I rate an app that doesn’t require graphics, sound or gameplay? Well I based it on ease of use, feel, improvements from the previous shops and loosely on content. The shop, I find, is very easy to use and, other than a few bugs that should get fixed (eg, connection errors saying no connection when your in the same room as the router) is a great (incredibley great) improvment on Nintendo’s previous shops. The shop felt welcomeng. The amibiant (not to powerful) music is a great improvment from the catchy (yet repetitve and eventually irritating) wii shop. Finally, the content. I could not really count this overlley in my score as there is very little at the moment, but whats there is great (especially FREE* Excitebike).

So there’s the score and reasoning!

*FREE until the 7th July


UPDATE: Well here I will just say that the content is limited but good. The future content looks promising and all the dsiware you own can be transfered.

As a whole at the moment I would give the content a 7.8/10 Unnamed Units.



3DS Photo

This should be viewable in 3d on a 3DS.

3DS eShop

The eShop is here! we will have a review in a few Hours! We like to experience everything before we rate it!

We have an ad!

New Review Format (zOMG!!!)

We now have a new format for our reviews!

We will now just have the game name instead of ‘Leave No Game Untouched’s Review’! We also have the display picture of the author in the top right hand corner of the page!!!!!!!

Merchandise Store

Our Merchandise store is here. We have shirts, magnets, dog shirts, mugs and more on the way!

Please note: if there are any complaints with the merchandise, direct them to Cafe Press, not us. We will forward all complaints but it would be quicker if you did it directly to them!

Happy Shopping!


Video Intro

Here is our video intro:

Please note! this does not mean we are doing video reviews!

Announcment #2

It has arisen that a few of you think our site is bogus because of the dates. Well…were we are situated the month and day are reversed while yours goes MM/DD/YYYY ours goes DD/MM/YYYY. So your janurary second is 01/02/2011 while ours is 02/01/2011. I hope this clears the air!

Announcement #1

As a game reviewer I was shocked to find out that the ‘honest’ opinion for most reviews was not original. It has been revealed that most reviews are influenced by the editor of the article, game maker and/or other reviews! I find this wrong; claiming to give an honest opinion when you know that your score is fake.

You may be asking how do we know your reviews aren’t fake? Well just check our reviews to the other companies and see the difference in score (most the time). This should be enough proof needed.

We at LNGU are here to give you an honest opinion about the games we play, not to satisfy the developer. We are also trying to expand the review database.

This has been an announcement by Sephiroth on behalf of all the LNGU staff.