Leave No Game Untouched’s 3DS Review

They say the third times the charm!

First came the SNES 3D headgear, then the Virtual boy, both of which were terribly unsuccessful; however, this third try at 3 Dimensional gaming is a hit! Yes, my friend, I am talking about the Nintendo 3DS, released late March 2011. People say it is revolutionary, what with the glasses-less 3D and revamped style, but is it deserving of this praise?

First let’s look at the  tech specs. Opening it up there is not much change from the DS other than the ‘slide pad’, the wider screen and other slight placements of buttons. Like the DSi it has camera capability, but this time with two outer cameras. The two colors, aqua blue and cosmos black, are both attractive and it is shaped like a retro 90’s sci-fi devices with not-so-smooth edges and three ‘layers’. The upper screen resolution is 400×240 per eye, a slight step up from the 192×256 DSi, and lower stays the same. All in all they change enough for it to be fresh(ish) but not too alien.

The launch titles are a tad disappointing. None from nintendo (straight off, pilot wings slightly latter) so they are a tad sub-par. I have enjoyed the spins on classics like Super Street Fighter 4 but the rest seem rushed. Hopefully the games coming up (especially LoZ: OoT) will be good. Nintendo has marketed this for all ages and thus doesn’t have a Halo equivalent (yet) but the potential is there.

Now, for the part you’ve been waiting for, the 3D! When I first turned it on I was skeptical, but come the 3D configuration that changed. I was in awe of the sharpness of it and the fact it actually worked! You can even change the depth to suit yourself. The home menu gives a 3D effect identical to the movies (in some cases better!). Since I wear glasses I was worried it wouldn’t work but it works fine (it would have to because of Satoru Iwata). I really like this part of the 3DS.

The built in software is the final aspect. Faceraiders and AR Games: Augmented Reality are the main focus, but the camera now shoots 3D and the 3DS sound is almost identical to DSi Sound. The two built in games are fun, just watch the video below (not mine).

I love the 3DS and I would defiantly recommend it to friends. I am a bit disappointed with the launch titles but the ones coming will be good!

Overall score: 8.7/10 Unnamed Units

Written by Sephiroth (25th April 2011)


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