Leave No Game Untouched’s Minecraft (PC) Review

Minecraft is a fast growing downloadable sandbox game, made by an independent game developer who had recently quit his job. The graphics in this game aren’t great, in fact you would expect this from a game made over 10 year ago, this makes it an enjoyable and nostalgic experience. The basic notion behind this game is that it is accessible. Currently this game has 3 modes Classic, Survival and Multiplayer all offering different way of playing.

The first mode that came out for this game was a free in browser game where you had infinite number of all blocks and could create anything you wanted (Structure wise), because this was before real game mechanics where introduced you can’t make creatures, all you could do was destroy and place blocks. This mode is still available and is good for those who are creative and/or want to see what the game is like before buying.

The next mode is the offline version of the game, this is what I might call a “real game”, although you can still destroy and place blocks, that requires effort, time and items. You have to destroy a block to be able to build with it. My first experience was good, but because of the absolute lack of information I had no idea what to do once night came and the creepers attacked me, so my first piece of advice is to look up a tutorial on “How to survive your first night on Minecraft” (guide found here). The item mechanic changes with most updates due to bugs or just to add variety to the game. One thing that got me was that to create a pick you have to make the shape of it in the crafting boxes which I found entertaining. You still have the ability to be creative in this mode but having monsters around adds to the fun.

The last mode is online multiplayer, and this is where the fun begins. You type in the IP of a server (if you can find one that is) and play with fellow “minecraftians”. What you do on a server is decided by the owner. It could be a creativity server where you work together and build mega structures, or an RPG sever where everyone plays their part in a society sometimes with PvP enabled (person verse person). Another type of server (my personal favourite) complete PVP servers where it is an all-out brawl to survive, you go in solo, or make teams and cities to survive in. The PVP I play in is called “The MMORPGProject” (IP= themmoproject.sytes.net) where I am building an underground city with functional buildings and traps.

All in all Minecraft is an amazing game and although it is only in beta I would suggest buy it now, because you can choose how you play it…plus it’s only $20!

OVERALL RATING: 8.7/10 Unnamed Units

Written By: Thresh
Details Editited By: Sephiroth 28/2/2011

PLEASE NOTE: Absolutley no changes to scoring and opinions have been made. Editing is only fixing sentences, prices and dates (if any).

  1. This game is really fun especially the multiplayer mode. You can build massive buildings on huge areas.
    I would be even nicer, if the graphics was better.

  2. Thanks Ron, but that’s the whole point of minecraft, the graphics are deliberatly blocky, bu I wouldn’t call them bad, and remember this isn’t a Triple A game, its a Java coded one for $20, but thank you for the like 😛

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