Sid Meiers: Civilization V (PC) Review


Sid Meiers Civilization 5 is a turn-based strategy game for the PC (Windows, Mac and OS X) produced by Firaxis Games, who also created Civilization 5’s predecessors. The Civilization Franchise has been a very influential and broad one, with games on the Play-Station 3, Xbox360 and Nintendo DS as well as PC. This game can be purchased off steam or bought in store.

Before I get into the review, I should explain that this has changed my perception on TBS (Turn
based Strategy) games FOREVER, this being my first Civ game. Ok so in civ 5 you choose a nation
with its own leader, special ability and unique units. From here you chose whether you want to
play on a map the size of the earth (yes it has all the continents and such) or just a smaller one of a
contentment or other generated maps.

Here is when the gameplay comes in. You are placed in a random spot with a warrior unit and a
settler unit on a hexagonal grid. Once your settler turns itself into your capital city you can start
researching science and creating more units. To move to the next age you must research a science of
that age. Now you can choose how you would like to win the game. You could have a military victory and defeat every other nation/ city state’s capital, or build a spaceship (research all sciences), or fill in 5 culture trees to make the utopia project , or diplomatically using the UN, or just wait it out until 2050 AD with the highest score. Because of all these aspects, you can play the game how you like, and feel the rewards of expanding your empire. Another very strategic part of the gameplay is obtaining resources. Some resources are luxury items and can be used to trade, or if a city demands it production there increases for a certain amount of time. The other resources are strategic and can be used for production, e.g. with an iron resource you can produce knights and swordsmen. This adds a major boost the strategic value of the game. Despite this there are a few things that annoy me. One is that when using the mouse to scroll across the screen it doesn’t stop when u stop and will decelerate so you won’t always be focused where you want to be, so I had to use the minimap to click where I wanted to look, but that wasn’t always accurate. Another thing that annoyed me because I play on a laptop is that I accidentally hot my scroll bar and I zoom in and out, and because of the same problem as before it is hard to get an accurate zoom, but this may be just because I play on a laptop.

Look! All Hexagony!

Another aspect of this game is the amazing graphics. The mountain ranges are beautiful, and the
vast oceans that span across the map are amazing. The dense forests (that are a bitch to traverse)
and the sandy beaches and plains all add to the massive feel of the game and keep you engrossed
for hours on end.

My last point is the soundtrack; I will sum this up in three words. IT IS AWESOME. The sound is the icing on the metaphorical cake here. The soundtrack that plays depends entirely on your nation,
when you chose the Japanese, harmonious flutes play, and as the English several trumpet fanfares
play when research has been completed or you have accomplished a goal. Because of this the
metaphorical cake of awesomeness and goodness is complete.

This game is amazing, with a few very minor problems. But I warn you this is VERY
 addictive and you can waste several hours playing it.

Overall Score: 8.5 / 10 Unnamed Units

(24th May 2011)


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