Leave No Game Untouched’s Dragonball Z: Infinite World (PS2) Review

I was a huge Dragon Ball Z fanatic when I was young. I had bought a couple action figures, a lot of DVDs and a ton of games. So when Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World was released in 2008, I decided to check it out and see what had changed with the series. To be honest, not much.

The game uses a modified version of the Budokai 3 engine, with some elements of the Shin Budokai series thrown in. The controls are very similar to those on the main Budokai series. Square is punch, Triangle is Kick, X is guard and Circle fires an energy blast. There are more advanced manoeuvres too such as the Aura Burst and Aura Spark, but what was most surprising is that some of the key techniques that made Budokai 3 awesome have been guttered. Beam Struggles, Hyper Mode and the Dragon Rush have vanished and along with them, Warp Kamehameha and Final Flash. However this does open up slightly more strategy, as with Budokai 3, when you went into Hyper Mode, your opponent knew that he/she was going to use an Ultimate Move or Dragon Rush. But now in Infinite World, players are able to execute Ultimate Moves freely (so long as they have enough Ki).

The difficulty levels and learning curve was also pretty steep. I’ll admit I’m not the best at Budokai, probably playing on the Average or Strong levels, but even on Very Easy it was like playing on Average, which wasn’t a problem for me. But if this was anyone’s first Budokai game, they would have a rough time against most of the CPU opponents. Luckily, there is a tutorial feature near the beginning of the Story Mode, which will allow new players to familiarise themself with the game, and Budokai veterans to check out the new techniques that Infinite World offers.

Infinite World features the return of 3D cut scenes, however they are scarcely placed in between fights, and can disrupt the flow of the game in certain circumstances. Like Budokai 3’s Collector’s Edition, players have the option of hearing the Original Japanese voice actors during fights and cut scenes. However, no new Japanese voice acting was recorded for this game. Most was just rehashed from the PAL version of Budokai 1.  If you’ve got the PAL Budokai 1, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

One of the biggest letdowns of Infinite World for me was that there is no World Tournament mode. I used to invite a bunch of friends over and we’d all play through the Advanced World Tournament, seeing who could beat who with what Character and what have you. But with World Tournament absent from Infinite World, it certainly cuts out most of the replay Value, After you’ve completed the Story Mode, you can go and complete ‘Fighter’s Road’ (similar to Budokai 3’s ‘Dragon Arena’), or try and get 100% Skills and Characters, but there’s not much left to do after that.

The game labels itself as the ‘Best of the Budokai series’, when in truth, the best has been taken out, most of what made Budokai 3 fun was absent in Infinite World. I would recommend getting this game if you don’t own any other Budokai games, however if you already own Budokai 3, stick with it, it’s got way better techniques and  a higher Replay Value than Infinite World.

OVERALL: 6/10 Unnamed Units

Written by GamersLife (9/1/11)

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