Leave No Game Untouched’s Final Fantasy VII (PSN download) Review

Cover Art

The well known and well loved RPG Final Fantasy VII is back. All you alive and gaming in 1997 will remember this Square classic for the Playstation, and it is ready to be relived today. This game is available on the Playstation store for $15.95 (AUD) and is compatible with your PS3 or PSP (Although personally I think controls are better on PS3). This is a port of the original game and therefore has very minor changes, most of which would be the systems fault. Unlike some of the games on the Playstation store this Final Fantasy VII has been left the same meaning you can relive everything from fighting alongside Barret to Defeating Sephiroth in the exact same way you did on the Playstation. Overall I enjoyed this remake and would be able to look past the graphical updates (or lack of).

in 1997 Square had finished the game that every Final Fantasy fan had been waiting for. This game would be one of the best selling of all time (selling over 9.8 million copies). This game was revolutionary because it turned the basic 2D final Fantasy games that fans had grown to love into 3D masterpieces. This game became so popular that it had multiple spinoffs like the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and the PSP prequel Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Many characters also appeared in other games such as Sephiroth and Cloud in the Kingdom Hearts series. With all this hype over one game Sony had found their new Playstation store hit, Final Fantasy VII.

The Graphics were revolutionary in 1997, even though they were extremely blocky. This is understandable and forgiven because 3D games were just coming into existence. Although it is a shame that Sony did not upgrade the graphics when the game was released for the PS store, I was not really expecting them to. There would be too much work to do for a 15 buck game and would not allow the diehard FFVII fans to relive the full experience. If they were to make a completely refurbished game they defiantly would NOT sell it on the PS store for a low price. So although the graphics are not new they are still good. With the old graphics gamers will be able to live their favourite moments exactly how they used to.

GRAPHICS RATING: 8.5/10 Unnamed units.


Above: Example of graphics.

The story is epic (I am not going into detail with this, but if you want the story in depth go here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197341-final-fantasy-vii/faqs/16725). The characters are well designed and of course the world is absolutely beautiful. I am NOT going to describe anything just in case some one does not want to hear or read it.

STORY AND CHARACTERS RATING: 9.7/10 Unnamed units.

If you click here (One Winged Angel) a song plays. This is the original One Winged Angel or Sephiroth’s theme. As you can hear it is beautifully composed and sounds epic. As it would have to if you were a massive noob when first playing it. I got stuck on this boss yet I never got tired of this music. Every song, from the opening title to the ending theme, is wonderful and suits the game perfectly. There is one thing that is annoying though, the battle theme. That gets really repetitive and by the end unless I had to level up I found myself avoiding battles as much as possible. This would be the only thing I had a problem with due to something so minor taking away a major part of the game. Like the graphics the original soundtrack is kept for this version. This allows Sony to keep the feel of the original game and us as gamers are able to recognize all the songs and not have to relearn any new ones.

SOUNDTRACK RATING: 9.6/10 Unnamed units.

If you were like me when I played the FFVII game on the Playstation you may have got frustrated that you cannot use the joystick to control your character. This really annoyed me then and it annoys me now. The control scheme is exactly the same so forget about the joystick and get your thumbs hurting. This does mean something good though, you need not learn a whole new set of controls. It also means that the controls match the text (unlike Zelda Ocarina of Time for the Wii). The control scheme works really well with the game and is fairly basic. So if your new or accustomed to FFVII you can easily pick up a controller and play without fuss.

CONTROL RATINGS: 8.9/10 Unnamed units.

The game play is the final segment. Final Fantasy VII follows the same idea as FFVI, three modes. Battle, over world and Towns/Cities. The Battle is semi-Turn based with you attacking when your bar is full then the enemy doing the same. Although this sounds bad it works well because you get time to rest between your attacks. The over world is a scaled down version of the world, similar to FFVI. You are normal size but you look bigger than the trees and towns. This is very effective and gives the feel that you are going between towns in the fastest way possible. The last mode is Towns/Cities. This is where the game play differs. The towns are done in 3D and you look at it from third person, not over head. This allows you to see the world in all its glory. This game play is exactly the same as the original and works well with the game

GAME PLAY RATING: 8/10 Unnamed units.

Battle Mode

Above: a battle

Whether you are new to the franchise or a fan from the first game, this title will give you hours of enjoyment. It is fairly cheap and is an exact replica of the original game. My scores are as follows:

GRAPHICS RATING: 8.5/10 Unnamed units.

STORY AND CHARACTERS RATING: 9.7/10 Unnamed units.

SOUNDTRACK RATING: 9.6/10 Unnamed units.

CONTROL RATINGS: 8.9/10 Unnamed units.

GAME PLAY RATING: 8/10 Unnamed units.

VALUE RATING: 9.9/10 Unnamed units.

OVERALL RATING: 9.8/10 Unnamed units.



Written by Sephiroth (8/1/11)


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