Leave No Game Untouched’s Monster Hunters Tri (Wii) Review

Please note: This is Thresh’s First review, so please be supportive and not critical

Monster Hunter Tri, despite its name is not the third game in this franchise, which have usually been released on Sony consoles such as the PS2 and PSP and this title was originally announced on PS3 but Capcom changed their mind so their games would have access to a new audience.
The first great features of this game are the graphics. For a Wii game these graphics are amazing and can even compete with a few PS3 games (but not many). Some graphic highlights are the brilliant cut scenes of monster brutally slaughtering each other and the flying monsters a marvel to watch by seeing the wind flap from the wings and when dust or water splashes when they hit the ground. The only problem is that big and dead monsters aren’t completely whole and you can walk through them. This happens with some other objects but it doesn’t outbalance the great visuals.
The next great element is the gameplay. The game starts by setting you in the role of a new hunter sent to help a village rid it of a monster called the Lagiacrus which is causing earthquakes and destroying their fishing fleet, but this is where the story pretty much ends until most of the way through the game where you beat the Lagiacrus. Despite the lack of story, it’s the gameplay that keeps the game fun. Being able to choose between 7 types of weapons and crafting your own weapons and armour and then using those to take down stronger and bigger monsters all the time is incredibly fun and then late on gaining the ability to get people to farm and hunt for items is incredibly useful. Lastly the best part of this game is basically killing monsters which is best with a classic controller rather the Wii remote and nun chuck. The monsters are quite responsive to hits to the face of tender parts of their body, occasionally recoiling or falling over in pain. But this game can’t be fully enjoyed without online. When playing over the Nintendo Wi-Fi with complete randoms you can team up with up to another 3 people to hunt down EVEN MORE monsters than there are in the offline version.
The last element that makes this game impressive is the soundtrack. The calm peaceful music that is played when there is no fighting can change suddenly to fast and lively fighting music that gets the blood moving. When a large monster spots you sharp, fear inducing music plays that makes you jolt in your seat and then the monsters signature music plays throughout the battle until you finish the quest and a fanfare of trumpets play to your victory.
By putting these three elements together you have a formula for a fantastic game and an addictive one that, but can only be fully enjoyed with online and a classic controller and all-in-all it is a great  game and I would recommend it to any gamer who loves an action-RPG.

OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 Unnamed units

Written by Thresh (10/1/11)


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